We currently have 2 options for shipping inside Portugal : CTT and LOG IN. The fist one is the national post and the second is a courrier specialized in bottles and heavy loads, based in the north of Portugal, where we are also located. CTT shipping allways has tracking number. LOG IN usually deliver the day after I drop it there (I can take up to 5 business days so do tell if you need things ASAP​) and have no tracking but if you leave your phone they will contact you upon delivery.
Consider the following for bottles:

Weight: 0.55kg 33cl e 0.9kg 75cl

Pack 6 bottles 33cl - 3,5kg | Pack 12 bottles 33cl - 7kg | Pack 24 bottles 33cl - 13,5kg

In this chart you are able to compare what shipping method will be the most advantageous for your order:

For internatiomal shipping the current best option is still the national post (CTT) all packages are trackable and it's not too expensive, howerver when things get heavier the costs get out of hand and it really is impossible to send bottles for this reason. We are still looking for better options but while this is still a small business it's impossible to do bulk deals with shipping agents for now...
For Europe we consider: Spain, France, UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Neatherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Cyprus, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey 

We gererally do not accept returns but if the items are damaged during transport or they are not what you ordered, we will replace or correct them without any cost to the client. Inside of Portugal we also accept returns if the buyer pays the shipping costs to us, in this case we will proceed with a refund excluding shipping costs if, and after checking, that the item/s are returned undamaged.


On the website we accept Credit Card, Paypal, MBWay and ATM Reference payments. MBWay and Reference are in the option "offline payment", say in the notes if you want to use MBWay or ATM Reference and we will send you an email with the payment instructions / reference.  [ MBWay and ATM Reference are only availiable in Portugal]


At the moment we are not doing wholesale as the prices have risen, BUT if you really want to have our mead in your shop we can reach an arrangement, however keep in mind that the minimum order will be 24 bottles.