Mythology of Mead

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Mead was one of the favourite drinks of the Viking people, due to the harsh winters, cereals were saved for food, and so the alchoolic beverages had to be made with something more widely available - honey!

And of course mead also has a mythological story as the favourite drink of the Norse Gods, it was called the “Stirrer of Inspiration“. And its story follows:

Slaying of Kvasir by Natasa Hincie

After the war ended in a truce, the gods and goddesses sealed it by spitting into a great vase. From their spittle they formed a being, Kvasir.

Kvasir was the wisest humanoid ever created; none were able to present him with a question for which he wouldn’t have an answer. He became famous and traveled throughout the world giving counsel.

Later on, Kvasir was invited to the home of two dwarves ( Fjalar and Galar) where they killed him and brewed his blood into mead. This mead contained Kvasir’s ability to dispense wisdom, and was appropriately named Óðrœrir (“Stirrer of Inspiration”).

The dwarves were later slain by Kavasir's son and the mead guarded by his granddaughter Gunnlod. Odin couldn't stand Óðrœrir being in the hands of those he deemed unworthy so he developed an intricate plot to steal the mead from Gunnlod and take it to Asgard, and succeeded.

And so thereafter the mead was seen as a gift from Odin to those he deemed worthy.