The Runes

The Runes were not only a form of writing (an alphabet) were also a form of divination and power. According to Norse legend they were obtained by Odin through great sacrifice - he hanged himself in one of the branches of Yggdrasil ( the tree of life that connects the worlds and fate), pierced himself with his spear and called for the knowledge and powers of the runes for 9 days and 9 nights until he finally obtained them.

The runes were meant to be carved and were considered magical and deeply connected to fate, they were not to be carved without purpose and knowledge and there was belief that the misuse of the runes lead to madness and misfortune

The original runes were a set of 24 and are called the "Elder Futhark"

As you may have noticed, we use a rune in our logo. That rune is from the latter variation of the elder futhark (runic alphabet),- when the Vikings settled in what is now Scotland and Ireland a new alphabet emerged called the anglo-saxonic runes

Anglo-Saxonic Runes

This is the Rune we are using: is called "kalk" and also means "chalice"